Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fossil Plastron, Turtle Shell, Armadillo Scute, Feather, and Sea Glass

Here is another journal entry from the beach trip.  This one was drawn on the beach on a hot, but very windy afternoon.  The wind was too strong for an umbrella, so my friend Pat and I sat in the glaring sun to draw in our journals.  I pulled the fossils out of the ziploc bag at my side, some of the morning's finds.  The other bits were picked up from the beach where I sat.  It was a wonderful time!  To be beside the ocean, drawing with a friend was a great way to spend my last daylight hours.

After a while we all headed indoors to get going on dinner, which was a well-known South Carolina specialty: Low Country Boil, made with local shrimp, fresh corn and new potatoes, and sausage, all boiled together with seafood boil seasonings.  Did I mention that pouring a beer in the pot makes it taste better?  Or, that serving it means dumping the drained pot of goodies on a paper bag in the middle of the table?  Oh my.  So good.  Such a wonderful week.