Sunday, November 27, 2016

Beachy things

This journal page, once finished, was a gift to a friend. Unfortunately, I gave it to her before I remembered it needed to be scanned.  Ah, well.  Here it is, almost finished... no labels yet.

I drew most of it here, in this shack (photo below) that used to be about 30 ft. back in the dunes before Hurricane Matthew came to visit.  Now it is literally oceanfront.  So close that some of high tide came right over the floor.  It was glorious sitting on the bench in the shade for several hours surrounded by water, the only person on the beach. It felt like I was the only person in the world.  The ocean was fairly calm, reflecting sun pennies galore.

Black Tupelo Leaves

Yes, I still keep my journal!  Here is a page I did in October while out with my two 12-year-old students. One of them climbed like a monkey up the small Black Tupelo tree and shook a branch, sending bright orange and red leaves raining down on our heads.  They are such cute guys, and very imaginative.

In the photo below, one boy is drawing, the other is looking up the as-seen-on-TV pocket chair that he says we all need.  Hoping Santa will bring them!