Monday, May 13, 2019

Woodland Wildflowers

We hadn't gone far today before I noticed this plant I've seen in our woods for years. I used to know the name of it, but I can't remember at the moment. Since I'd already taken Roxie for a walk today, I decided to give the old girl a break and sit right there, half way down our driveway, and draw this dainty plant. We sat in dappled shade, and listened to birds singing for a few minutes before drawing.  Have you ever heard the call of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo?  It sounds a little like a monkey -  something like this:  Cu-cu-cu-cu cu-cu-cu-cu Kalp! Kalp! Kalp! The Wood Pewee had a whiny little Peee-weee song.  

As I was drawing a black inch-worm caterpillar dropped onto the journal and proceeded to inch his way to the top of the page. Once he was there I was able to get a small twig under him and move him to the leaf litter.  The huge ant that visited moved a lot faster, and was hardly a nuisance at all. (For the record, my only rule in nature journaling is that I must draw any insect that visits the page.) 

A few feet away from where I sat grew this Violet Wood Sorrell (above) and White Milkweed (below), other woodland wildflowers that like a shady situation.  The milkweed was hosting a few bees, so I kept my distance. I didn't want to interfere with their feast.


Black-eyed Susans, Asters, and Hydranges

I'm happy to say that I now have a laptop that works, so I can do blog posts again.  It has been a while!

This image, called "Summer Tangle," is from late last summer.  I started it at our tiny mountain cabin in Western North Carolina on a lazy day full of bright sun and cool breezes. I pulled a small table out onto the deck and had my vase of flowers in front of me, as well as my paper and drawing tools. Bees buzzed around the flower garden, a lazy skink made his way along the rail.  Sweet Roxie was asleep at my feet.

I worked through the afternoon and again after supper. It took weeks of off and on work sessions to complete.  Prints were made of the pen and ink drawing, then I painted them with handmade watercolors, a new passion of mine. (Post on that subject coming soon!)