Friday, October 19, 2012

White Oak, Sourwood, and Tulip Poplar Leaves

It's that time of year again... the leaves are beginning to turn.  They aren't plentiful yet, which makes the leaves that have color all the more stunning. When I hike I can't resist picking up jewels I spot that have fallen on the ground, or that are hanging within my reach.  Even when the turning leaves are so abundant that they're in piles and flying through the air around me, I still pick them up because I never tire of admiring the beauty of each leaf.   The color is so short lived I figure they may as well be at my home where I can admire them for a few more hours.  There is now a growing pile on my side porch that by season's end will be nothing but a drift of brown.

The leaves above are a few I found nearby when I sat to draw. We were on the high ridge above the confluence of Meetinghouse Creek and Lawson's Fork, where green is still the dominant color. I saw a sprinkling of yellow, and plenty of pink sourwoods.   The closest sourwood was just down the hill a bit so I wandered down and picked up a leaf.  While drawing, a Daddy Longlegs came to visit, crawling up my leg, across the page, and onto my hand.

The weather was clear and about 68 degrees, and a nice breeze rattled through the trees and through Daisy's long hair. 

Spotted this maple in our woods...

 taken from the log I was sitting on...

The handful of goodies I brought home with me.