Sunday, November 2, 2008

Morning Sun

It's amazing how quickly the leaves change color once the time is right.  Today is even brighter than yesterday afternoon!  The dogs and I hiked to the southern bluff above where Meetinghouse Creek flows into the much larger course of Lawson's Fork.  Sitting here feels like being in a treehouse.  The view is of the tops of the trees growing way downhill, as well as across to where the bluff picks up again, beyond Meetinghouse Creek. The leaves, primarily yellows and oranges, glowed in the morning sun.   Just past the rocks (in the sketch above) the land drops off so steeply that you have to hold on to small trees or roots going down or with one misstep you could roll all the way down to the Dog Hobble that lines the creek. From up here you can also hear the gurgle of the creek as it cascades over rocks. If you were beamed to this spot and had to figure out where you were, I bet you'd think you were in the North Carolina mountains.

To the left of this treehouse view a Mountain Laurel thicket grows all the way down to Lawson's Fork. It is so dense you couldn't push through it if you tried. The rocks are covered in lichen and moss, and some with Resurrection Fern, brown now from the drought.  Small clumps of Yucca dot the ridge.  

Found a Zen-garden-in-a-bottle.  It is old, narrow-mouthed, and filled with lime-green moss. 


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