Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Carolina Wren

It's in the mid-40's and misty this afternoon - not a day to go walk in the woods or hike on the pipeline.  Instead it's workday in the studio.  I'm almost ready to start painting a Great Blue Heron for a designer showhouse. To get in the mood, and to test my "equipment"  I decided to do a quick painting of another smaller bird, which is today's entry.  I'm glad I did the test because my watercolor brushes did not come out with high marks.  Under magnification, a couple of the brushes had  a serious "split end" look.  No wonder I had trouble getting a good point on them.  This morning I went straight out and spent mucho money on new sable brushes so I can finish this painting and move on to the big, important, financially "positive" one.  Stay posted... I'll put the finished Wren here soon.

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