Monday, May 18, 2009

Tulip Tree Silk Moth and Lettered Sphinx

It was sunny, windy and chilly today, a surprise after the warm weather of late.  Walked the dogs at midday and tried to avoid the shade, which when walked through felt like stepping back into winter.  The wind with sunshine on my face was hard enough until I did some uphill walking and warmed up.  

The pipeline is lush and green after all the rain we've had this spring.  The Coreopsis blooms are at their best right now, the field filled with their waving yellow heads.  Many more bright pink Pasture Roses have opened up, and the ragworts still lend their bright shaggy yellow heads to the picture.  I trekked up to a certain spot where I know there is a large patch of Barbara Buttons that bloom about now... but about a month ago I'd see some bulldozers working near the spot.  This could have been the end of the BB's.  However, I found the flowers in fine shape and in full bloom just beyond where the work had been going on, and on the way back I found some slender stalks of Deptford Pinks.  Perhaps tomorrow I will draw these two flowers.  Today I hurried home to see if our visiting moths were still on the side porch, below the light.

They were.  And they stayed there (as models) all afternoon.  I pulled a kitchen stool out to the porch and was quite comfortable as I sketched.  

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Judy Butler said...


Good to hear from you. I really wish the blackberries and the clover were current drawings but they are from my journal achieves. Finally my hands are doing better today after two challenging weeks. I hope over the weekend I will get out my pencils and do some sketching. My yard is filled with many, many lovely subjects waiting on me to hang out with them. Roses, lilies, yarrow, bachelor buttons, along with beautiful trees and vines. I hear them calling me. Plus the incessant rain has finally stopped. We have had three water free days in a row. That certainly improves a person's mood.

I loved your Saturday Deerberry and Persimmon leaf post. We have a persimmon tree in the back of the property. I am going to trek out there and pick some leaves and look closely at them. The moth post from Monday is wonderful. I have a nice moth drawing also from several years back I will post on my blog to share.

Take care,