Thursday, September 16, 2010

Red Leaf and Helenium (Sneezeweed)

Took an early walk today and enjoyed the long morning shadows and wind in my hair. Tuesday's silence had disappeared. Instead, I heard traffic from Pine Street (we live at least 2 miles away from Pine St.) a lawn mower, a dog barking across the river, as well as the dog's owner yelling, "Shut UP!" It's amazing how noisy some days are! Along the way I found half of a bird egg, a tiny puffball that poofed its brown smoke when I poked it, and the seed pods of a sensitive brier. Fyi: if you ever see a seedpod on a sensitive brier vine, do not touch it or you'll get a handful of invisible splinters. They are so tiny it's hard to get them out. I had about ten in my hand even though I was very careful when I picked it to draw, and then dropped it immediately.

While I was picking prickles from my hand, I noticed the beautiful crimson leaf on the ground. A much safer choice for today's journal entry. I though the red contrasted nicely with the yellow of the Sneezeweed (Helenium).


nancysbaldwin said...

No, no ... I was wrong. THIS is the picture I must have! I look for red leaves in my forest paths this time of year & lay handfuls on my kitchen window sill & counter tops. Remember talking about "harbingers?" Red leaves are my favorites!

Helen said...


Betsy Grimes said...

loewly Helen, just perfect. Love the color and image contrasts. You have so MANY gifts. It is a joy to watch you use them all!