Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today was beautiful! Too bad I had to take down the Christmas tree and do a general post-Christmas cleanup. My goal, however, was to take Daisy on a walk at about 2:00, which I did.

We came upon horseback riders on the upper pipeline, so to keep Daisy and Atticus (Daisy's friend from across the street) out of the horses way, I called them and we crossed through the piney woods between the different lines and headed into the low land alongside Meetinghouse Creek. Lots of moss and lichen down there, and trees covered in polypores. It was cool in the shade of the steep rocky ridge that rises on either side of Meetinghouse, so I headed up to the high land of the native Yucca - a beautiful plant with strappy leaves edged with curling, peeling strands along the edges. I decided the Yucca needed more time to draw than I had today.

The Partridgeberry - a dainty little vine - was growing at the base of an oak tree near Old Thompson Road. There was an old rusty container that looked like it once held cigars - it was about the right size- and leaned against the tree, almost as if someone leaned it there intending to return.

Daisy and Atticus curled up for a little nap while I drew.

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nancysbaldwin said...

Beautiful. You should do something like this for your Christmas card.
Why don't you do a line of post cards??