Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oak Leaves on the Rocky Ridge

I found these leaves on the rocky ridge above Lawson's Fork while hiking with my hubby and Daisy Sunday afternoon. The lacy pattern on the post oak leaf was quite striking, noticeable even mixed in with all the other leaves. The other leaf was obvious because of the Polyphemus Moth cocoon. I've never seen one of those cocoons attached to a leaf - always a branch or twig. The day was warm - almost 70 degrees - and sunny, making it the best kind of winter day to be wandering in the woods.

It was nice having company on the hike! Here is a shot Ben took while we were resting on the rocky ridge above Lawson's Fork. I'm giving Daisy a yummy home-made peanut butter treat.

Later we went down to Lawson's Fork to let Daisy play on the little islands there. She loves playing in the water.

The weather has turned cold again since then - I've had my silk long underwear on today and sleet is clicking against the windows tonight. And even though the warm day was nice, I love winter! I love the naked trees and seeing the lay of the land through the hardwood forests. Plus, I am still hoping for one more beautiful snow storm before spring... just one.


Folk Heart said...

Wonderful! You are so patient with your artwork, and I admire that so. And you magically open my eyes to the beauty that is everywhere, in the most common of areas...for that I thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Your drawings are sooo beautiful. I have four dogs and three cats, similar to you and I love wandering in the woods around my house. I found you from doing a search on beech trees. So glad that I did! I can't draw but I love to take pictures. Take care. Gina

Helen said...

It's really fun to hear from my readers! Folk Heart, thank you so much for your kind words, and Gina, I think wandering in the woods is actually a lot like meditation - observing, and being aware of beauty that wants to be photographed keeps your mind off worldly problems. Keep it up! Thank you both for reading my posts!