Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exciting News!


Go HERE to see the publisher's description of the book, and hey, go ahead and pre-order if you want to!  If you like the blog, I promise you will love the book.  Much effort has gone into making sure the art is reproduced perfectly, and the daily essays will still take the reader on a walk in the woods with me.

The book will be released in November, so think how great it will be for Christmas gifts!

Thanks to each of you for visiting and revisiting Middlewood Journal blog, and for staying with me during the distraction of producing the book.  Now that the book-work is over, I look forward to having time to posting more often.      

Again, here's the link:


Botanicals said...

Congratulations, Helen! I knew you should write a book and I plan to buy one when they come out. I check your blog every day to see if there is something new, and sometimes just to look at the picture of your house which looks almost identical to the one my husband and I built.

Helen said...

Thank you so much, Botanicals! I love knowing that you have a house similar to ours. We must be soul sisters! Helen

Helen said...
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