Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mushrooms Under a Pine

The morning of the 19th was overcast, cool and windy, and the dogs and I hiked all around enjoying the change of weather.  The tops of the pines swayed and soughed, yellow leaves would occasionally let go and fly through the still summery-looking woods. This drawing started with the beautiful little (unknown) mushrooms I found growing in the litter in some piney woods.  They looked silky, almost shiny. I immediately fell in love with them. 

I sat and started drawing.  As I worked on the quarter-sized mushroom, all the other bits of debris showed themselves: another smaller mushroom nearby, the tiny pale yellow puffball, the sparkleberry leaf and two sparkleberries, two scales of a pine cone, silvery pine bark and twigs, and the big red ant exploring the neighborhood.  Naturally, I had to include them all on the page.

Cicadas would start trilling but then stop a few minutes later, as if they couldn't decide if it was quite warm enough to sing. Duke and Daisy were good dogs while I drew and settled beside me for a nap.

Fast forward to today!  The temperatures around here are still cool, the mornings lovely and a bit dewy.  My shoes got wet from walking in the high grass on the shady side of the pipeline.  Since I knew I had last week's entry to post today, I decided to take my camera along. Here are few photos from today's hike. Double click photos to enlarge.

Insect holes on a Morning Glory leaf


Crab Spider on Aster

Leaf-footed Seedbug on Sumac berries

Lobelia with spider

A single Blue Curls bloom

Blue Curls plant

Ailanthus Webworm Moth

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nancysbaldwin said...

Especially love the last photo of the moth! You're lucky to be having cooler weather. Enjoy!