Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Climbing Vetch (Vicia augustifolia)

After hiking around and following deer paths through the woods, we were chased away by gnats.  Yes, tee-tiny little black gnats.  There is nothing in nature more irritating than having gnats swarm around your face, their favorite place, naturally. They love to get into your eyes and ears, and did I mention that they bite?  The trick is to get to a place where the breeze (if you're lucky enough to have one) is blowing into your face.  If there isn't a breeze, you may as well go back home.

There was a breeze today, so off we went to higher ground which in Middlewood is the top of Jay's Hill where my favorite Tulip Poplar grows.  I've been watching this tree grow for 25 years.  Daisy loves the tree and the delightful shade it provides. Even on days that I don't consider hot, if we are on the hill Daisy can be found in the shade keeping an eye on the whole hilltop.  Maybe it's the herding instinct, and she is keeping an eye out for the wolves that might come get her sheep, me!  

On the way up the hill I stopped to pick this little vine, one of the Vetches.  It is in the legume family, which you would know if you looked at the tiny flowers.  They are "pea-like" flowers.  This is always your first clue that it's a legume.

An unknown vine I just found growing at the edge of the woods.

The view from under the Tulip Poplar.


SusanA said...

Ugh, those awful gnats! When my husband and I vacation near Charleston, we love to go sit by the Kiawah River. But on a calm day? Forget it. We get eaten alive by those pesky little "no-see-'ems". I itch for weeks from their bites!

Beautiful view from the top the hill!

Helen said...

I have to say I think no-see-ums are worse than gnats. At least with gnats you can see your enemy!