Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Shadows

Cold again today - and still windy.  I walked to the top of the "Kudzu Hill," the hill with the view where my b-i-l wants to build a house.  There were pockets of warm air, and in those pockets were butterflies- buckeyes, folded-wing skippers, a tiny checkerspot.  There were carolina locusts everywhere!  As I walked on top of the hill through a field of pale grass seedheads, grasshoppers and locusts exploded from the grass - flinging themselves away from me.  In the clear-blue distance were all the mountain ranges we are ever able to see:  Hogback Mountain, our closest and deepest blue, the Black mountains, including Mt. Mitchell and the whole range...around me the wind blew through the pale grass, red maple leaves danced, a huge tulip poplar cast a long cool shadow between me and the mountains.  


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Anonymous said...

I love reading your nature blog Aunt Helen. I think this is my favorite entry. -Charlie