Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stargrass and Sumac

Brrrr.... It was cold today, and the wind made it so much worse!  The small Winged Sumac plants are so beautiful right now, with their rich purply-red leaves, especially in the late afternoon sun.  The taller (older) ones have partial red leaves, but are still mostly green.  The plant I chose to draw is the whole plant, as seen from above, and only about six inches high.  The Hairy Yellow Stargrass is very late blooming.  I thought its deep yellow blooms contrasted nicely with the sumac leaves.  Other bloomers include: Eastern Silvery Asters, Wooly Golden Asters, Calico Aster, Showy Aster, and Field Goldenrod. Tonight's hard freeze may be the end of these for this year.  We'll see!


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