Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Horse Nettle and Sumac

What a beautiful day!  It was cold and breezy with deep blue, cloudless skies, but the most beautiful part was that I was free! It's been a while since I've been able to hike with Winston and Radu and draw in my journal so I followed the dogs out to the pipeline with a happy heart.   As usual we turned downhill toward Meetinghouse Creek.  The wind tossed my hair around, but my layers of fleece, my hat and gloves kept me fairly warm as we hurried down the hill.   Once we crossed the creek the steep uphill climb got my heart pumping and staying warm was no longer a problem. At the top of the hill Radu raced along sniffing and pouncing like a puppy.  I wandered the edge of the pipeline, in and out of the woods, admiring red maple stems and dogwood buds, as well as mossy rocks "unleafed" by last week's super strong winds. Winston lagged behind, as usual.  

On the way back downhill the wind was in our faces.  Brr....  it's amazing how quickly body heat disappears when you're not having to work.  I had to stop to draw the little bit of color I found near the creek. Down in the valley the wind was blocked by the hill and allowed the afternoon sun to warm me to the bone - a wonderful treat on this cold January day!

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