Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I had a good excuse for being late to class today - it snowed last night!  It was the kind of snow that sits on bare branches and holly leaves, smothers the tips of old sumac berries like white icing, and makes the early morning road extremely slippery.  It was 26 degrees as I drove and slid my way to Wofford to teach my part of the Modern Physics/Modern Art class.  Traffic was moving at only 25 mph. and even then there was an accident along the way.  Public schools were closed for the day, but colleges are their own little worlds, aren't they? Besides, if I missed class today, the physics teacher would have taught tomorrow's lesson on Quantum Theory, something I look forward to hearing tomorrow, so there you have it.  I had to press on!  Then, even though I got to class a little late, I dismissed the class early so that everyone could find their way to a TV to watch today's historic event:  Obama's Inauguration. 

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