Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Things

Went out for a journaling walk for the first time in quite a while.  I took my notebook and pen and headed out with both dogs. Big mistake.  All went well as long as we were walking, but on the far sunny hill, with a warm breeze in my face, I found a tiny patch of bluets waving in the wind. Radu and Daisy were frolicking at a distance so I put down a little mat and sat to draw. One bluet bloom later I had a puppy in my lap and a big dog nosing around in my bag for the expected treat I always give him.  I took care of that, including giving a treat to Daisy, and they settled down a bit.  I opened my pen.  Immediately I had to fight off the tiny puppy teeth that wanted to chew on the top.  No, Daisy, I said.  Then she thought my notebook would be a good chew.  I gave her a small beaver stick I found in my bag from some other hike.  Chew this, I said.  After about two minutes she got up to explore other things.  Whew!  A minute to draw! Bluets, cinquefoil, violets, grass... The next time I looked up there was no Radu, no Daisy, just silence.  A Carolina Wren started singing at the edge of the pipeline, a bee buzzed past my head, and I saw a red-tailed hawk soaring over the creek.  No dogs to be seen or heard.  Sigh... 

I called and called and called until Daisy finally came through the woods, down from the direction of the high rocky ridge. Radu didn't show up until much later.  We immediately went home and put Daisy up, and because I was determined to have a successful day, I called to Radu and headed back out to draw in the woods.  Radu did his usual patient snoozing and we both enjoyed the peace.  

From now on it will be nap time for Daisy when I want to draw.

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