Sunday, November 15, 2009

2010 Jamboread Poster

Since last week was busy and gave me very little time to journal, I thought I'd post this painting to show you some of what I've been working on. Mr. Frog is next year's "poster child" for our library system's fabulous children's reading festival, Jamboread! If you have children in your life and live nearby, plan to come! It's always the first weekend in March.

I hope a journal post will come along this afternoon.... stay tuned!


LauraO said...

Love it!!

Helen said...

Thanks! If you're interested, go to the October 2008 posts to see last year's poster.

Nancy said...

OMG, it's wonderful! And DONE! Mr. frog is SO CUTE! I'm imagining how fabulous he's going to look up on a billboard, size huge! Lol - how fun that will be.