Monday, October 28, 2013

Stiff Aster, Folded Wing Skipper, Winged Sumac

An early cold snap Friday dipped us into winter for a bit and zapped many of the fall asters out in the field, but today it was back in the 60's, and a refreshing breeze blew from the west.  There were NO GNATS!

The dogs and I tramped around in the woods up on the rocky ridge, then slid down the steep hill to Meetinghouse Creek, where lots of four-legged romping and splashing took place. Duke disappeared around a curve in the creek and may have explored Lawson's Fork (he came back totally wet); Daisy stayed with me.

On the way out of the woods we passed through a spot I particularly love, where pines rise through an emerald green carpet of running cedar.  I've tried to get a photo of the carpet numerous times, but it just doesn't translate. There must be a magical trick of the eye that creates the carpet, something a mechanical camera just can't do. Deer paths cross this way and that, and downed pines sprout Turkey Tails and Crowded Parchment.

Back on the sunny pipeline, we hiked back up to our hill and settled down to draw a flower or two. The Stiff Aster was quite close to me, so I just leaned in to see details as I drew.  I was about 12" from the flower when a tiny honeybee landed on the yellow center.  It was fun seeing him working, up close and personal.  And then, as soon as the bee buzzed away, a folded wing skipper (probably a Fiery Skipper) fluttered past my ear, and landed to sip.  She didn't stay long, and the iphone was out of reach, but the magical camera in my eye caught her beauty perfectly.

 Turkey Tail & Running Cedar under pines

Unknown mushrooms

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