Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photos from yesterday's hike

White Checkered Skipper

Photography is such a great way to share what you've seen, but it's also a great way to see what you missed in real life.  For instance, in my attempt to get this photo of a White Checkered Skipper I jumped around in waist-high grass and wildflowers, probably stepped in fire ants, and picked up an armful of beggar-ticks, just to follow the constantly moving subject.  The lens' auto focus wasn't functioning for some reason, so that added a special challenge.  I was able to get only six shots.  In my rush to the capture butterfly, I didn't notice the yellow beetle on the leaf (left).

Below is one of the failed attempts, but click on the photo and check out the flowers to the right - there's a party going on!  A stinkbug, a red-eyed fly, and behind him, a ladybug.  I totally missed them in real life.

So, once again I am reminded that in life, slower is better.  Imagine how much we don't see even if, like me, we are actually searching for it.  Note to self: Slow down, slow down, slow down.

Here are some more photos from yesterday's hike.  Click on the photos for larger size.
Interesting leaf-change - looks like it was somehow affected by 
the insect chomping holes in it...  

Possibly False Turkey Tail... on oak log.

 Leftovers from someone's meal.  It was a small animal (compare to oak leaf)...  not sure who has teeth like that.

 Yellow Bear Caterpillar (turns into a Virginia Tiger Moth)

 Crowded Parchment

On the same tree as above... only 1/3 inch high.  

And last but not least, Daisy on the Lawson's Fork trail...

watching out for her brother Dukie.


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