Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catesby's Trillium

Took a walk with Radu early this morning before the rain came.  I'm so easily distracted by birdsong and wildflowers that I must listen to music or a book on my i-pod if I intend to get serious exercise out there, so today, that's what I did.  But, even as I moved out listening to Van Morrison, I noticed a few things... First, the breeze was out of the west, felt soft and cool on my face, and carried the scent of pine sap.  Second, some of the trees that came down in the snow haven't given up.  Two "reclining" wild Cherries are in full bloom, their lacy elongated clusters of white flowers dangling in splendor from each branch tip.  Also, one downed pine tree is putting forth its spring growth as usual, and has thick and robust "candles" making ninety-degree turns to grow toward the sun. 

Under the pine is a stretch of sandy clay washed downhill and collected in this spot.  In this I noticed many signs of wildlife!  Deer tracks, turkey tracks, Radu and Daisy tracks, Helen and Ben tracks, and fox scat perched right on top of a rock. 

Another little thing I noticed... many, many poison ivy sprouts! They are lovely, by the way, tinged with maroon, so tender and graceful.

One of my favorite native plants growing in our woods is the Catesby's Trillium, and on the way back home I noticed one in bloom.  (We have a patch of six plants that grow near the house, and other single plants dotted around, here and there.)  I dashed to the studio, grabbed my journal and pen, and headed back out to draw the Trillium before it rained.  I didn't actually finish the drawing because it did begin to drizzle.  Pooh.  I went to the studio and tried to remember and/or make up the rest. I finally gave up and moved on.... Sometimes this is best.

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Unknown said...

How wonderful to be able to walk down a trail so close to your home and see the Catesby's Trillium. We have to go to a local park like Warner Park or others to see this. Although I live on a acre of land it is still the suburbs. We do not use pesticides on our lawn so we do have some little wildflowers pop up. Of course, others see them as weeds. I try to visit your site every few days to enjoy your latest journal entry. Another lovely drawing.