Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

All day it has been rainy and gloomy... which sounds bad, but I mean it in a good way!  There are many wonderful things about a rainy and gloomy spring day, such as no pollen in the air; dogwood blossoms that positively glow; joyful frogs (in need of vernal pools created by spring rains to lay eggs); happy trees and garden; our part of the state moving a notch closer to being out of a drought.  Also, the birds' songs seem louder on a dreary day... as do the frogs' rejoicing croaks.  

For me the day was spent out of the rain -  in the studio having fun in a work kind of way.  A good friend (and talented artist) sent me a thick packet filled with scraps of various brands/weights/surfaces of paper for me to experiment with, each one neatly labeled with all pertinent information.  A wonderful gift!   The sketches above are little practice illustrations on two of the papers.

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