Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wild Blue Phlox

The perfect spring day... this afternoon it was 80 degrees with a cool breeze, blue sky, and a multitude of birds singing in the front woods near the house, where I'd settled to draw.  The Wild Blue Phlox is in full bloom in the shady woodland garden there, and the fragrance of its thousands of small blossoms wafted around me as I drew. Anyone with woods should grow this native wildflower for its spring event - a delightful pale blue cloud that shimmers in the breeze.  Also included in the charms of Wild Blue Phlox is that it attracts the Hummingbird Moth.  Today one was buzzing in and out of the flowers, sipping sweet nectar from every bloom.

Other native plants grow with abandon in this part of my garden...some might call them weeds. I know that, and  I keep trying to hate Hedge Bindweed (I think that's what it is), a climbing vine that truly does "bind" plants together in my garden.  But, the heart-shaped leaves of this vine are so beautiful, I just can't do it.  They start out a rich coppery color, with deep ridged leaves and veins, and a most delicate and sensual shape.  The vine wraps itself around anything and everything - maybe even you if you sit too long in one place?  

The other weed (native plant) in today's journal is Star Chickweed. We have a healthy crop of this salad green every year.  We have yet to eat them, but in case you're interested, I read that they taste best when boiled briefly in salted water and served in place of spinach! 

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Unknown said...

Oh, Wild Blue Phlox and the Tulip Poplar Petals are two of my favorite blooming things of the spring and summer. We have a Poplar tree outside of my office window. I am going to go pick up some of the blooms today and try to sketch them. I always bring some of the blooms inside but forgot it was that time of year! I really like the new photos you added on the side bar. I had not visited your blog in a couple of days and was so excited to see these new entries.