Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whorled Coreopsis

The sky was so blue today!   Or did it just look extra blue next to the bright green spring foliage budding out on the treetops?  I worked most of the day, so my escape was much needed.... could that be why the sky looked so blue? Regardless, Daisy and I contemplated this deep question for a while from the comfort of our hilltop bench on the pipeline as the breeze riffled through those tender leaves.  I'm still unsure about the blue, but am absolutely positive that it was a beautiful spring day. 

The "old road" that runs the length of our property used to be the drive to the Camp Croft Officers' Retreat.  The building, burned years ago, is now just a brick chimney (with a great view) covered in kudzu vines.  The old road is home to several interesting wildflowers. The Whorled Coreposis plant, lovely on its own (above), blooms in the summer with bright yellow "daisy" like flowers.  It must like dry, rocky shade as it grows along the upper side of the old road, deep in the woods.  Also along here are Dwarf PawPaws, host plant for the Zebra Swallowtail butterfly, as well as a tiny wild blueberry, and Soloman's Seal.  

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