Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dwarf Crested Iris

It cleared up around 3 today, so I went out to smile at the sun.  The rain had brought out so many more tiny green leaves!  A Tiger Swallowtail sipped at the purple creeping phlox draped on the rock wall, the Bleeding Heart and Wild Blue Phlox were beginning their spring show in the front woods. Birds were singing everywhere... it sounded like an aviary.  

The Dwarf Crested Irises grow around a rock outcrop in the woods below the house. There's a huge patch of them, and when they bloom it's an amazing site if I don't miss it.  Some years I get busy and forget to go look and completely miss them.  So today I walked down to see if they were blooming and found that they are just beginning their season.  This  "bloom" was the first and only purple to be seen.  I sat down to draw and to enjoy the birdsong, the sunlight, the warm breeze through the spring trees.  Daisy was in the house, Radu was napping... I was alone. A caterpillar crawled across my knee.... a tiny grasshopper landed on my shoe.... a brown and black beetle flew into the leaves beside me.  Otherwise, not much was happening at Middlewood today.

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